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  • Feast in Honour of the Martyred Three Saints
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Welcome to Three Saints Feast Brisbane

The festival is immersed in faith, tradition & culture, which is clearly evident by the many residents of Brisbane from all different traditions, faiths & backgrounds that join in our cultural event each year. By allowing different communities to have food stalls on the day it creates an honest partnership between the communities, that truly benefits all the attendees.
We all work collaboratively together for months/weeks prior to ensure the festival goes to plan. The solemn mass is invigorating, the unveiling of the saints only occurs twice a year in the Holy Cross church, so the attendees flock to see this enriching cultural event each year. The street procession: watching the tears in the eyes of the elderly, the excitement in the youth & the joy in the children together with all the attendees push the float carrying the Saints around the neighbouring streets is clearly sharing in Brisbane’s diverse cultural experiences. Our festivals deliver a fulfilling, stimulating, artistic, educational and cultural experience to the Brisbane community, by raising awareness and appreciation of/for these festivals we will continue to offer traditional cultural experiences to the people of Brisbane

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4th of May 2024

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